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  • Goggles

    Mk. 1 Goggles

    Perfect your look with brass and leather. 

  • The Orb!
  • $99.00

    The finest goggles made by the hand of man. Machined from solid brass. Leather sides and straps. Soft leather eye cups. Lenses are interchangeable. Chose from 4 different bolt styles. Using the dropdowns you can completely customise your goggles the way you like. Please note that the texture and color of leather can vary slightly. 

  • $75.00

    A hidden portrait locket developed from a rare 16th Century instrument, originally used by occultists for divination using the movement of the astral dragon through the heavenly stars.

  • $299.00

    Our signature corset. Using heavy duty German steel stays and a 1" steel busk. The material on this corset is bonded to a backing cloth so it can stand up to heavy use without  stretching, tearing or distorting. Made in the USA. Unless otherwise requested corset comes with black satin sides.Premier corsets have a 1 year warrantee against any defects in...

  • $49.00

    The perfect accessory for ANY adventure. Top grain leather with D-rings to attach equipment for all your crime fighting (or crime causing) needs. Fits up to a 40" waist.

  • $45.00

    Beautiful swooping lines. Uses toggle and loop closure. Stitched belt loop on back.  Veg tanned leather.Measurements: Length: 8 Inches Width (At Widest Part): 6 Inches Pouch Top: 4.25 Inches Pouch Interior Length: 6.75 Inches Pouch Interior Width: 5 Inches Pouch Interior Depth: 2 Inches

  • $45.00

    This rectangular pouch is perfect for fantasy, medieval and steampunk outfits. Two buckle closure with internal dust flaps that keep dirt out and small items in.  Veg Tanned leather.

  • $35.00

    For the adventurer on the go, a place to put important gear. Durable but soft leather with antiqued buckle Veg tanned leather.

  • $20.00

    This is the classic aviator cap worn by World War I American pilots. Goggles sold separately.

  • $28.00

    Are fights constantly breaking out around your home or place of work? There is a solution! According to Faerie law your home or business can be Accorded Neutral Ground. This means that all parties must act in a (semi) civilized manner or face dire consequences. NEW!  Give your sign some character. We can give one of the corners of your sign scorch marks...

  • $15.00

    For the busy wizard or mage on the go. Glass potion bottle holds 3.4 oz.  Leather wrapped with belt loop and snap closure. Glass is 40% recycled. Color is lead free and baked onto bottle. Gently hand wash.

  • $20.00

    A unique item available nowhere else. This glass bottle glows softly in ever changing colors. It is science? Is it magic?  Frosted glass bottle with a leather cage and strap with snap closure. Natural cork holds a color changing LED. Uses button cell batteries. The LED can be tuened on and off by holding the LED and twisting the bottom.  The LED is NOT...

  • $15.00

    For the busy wizard or mage on the go. This potion bottle is plastic for LARP's (Live Action Roleplaying Games) that do not allow glass on the field.  Potion bottle holds 3.4 oz.  Leather wrapped, sealed with cork with belt loop and snap closure. 

  • $25.00

    What is trhe Orb? Where does it come from? What are its powers? No one knows!!New item for 2018. This glowing orb is brighter than out Spirit Bittles and Soul Spheres. Shifts through full range of colors or can be set to any specific desired color with a simple push of a button. The body is durable plastic instead of glass so it's safer for all kinds of...

  • $20.00

    Perfect for potions or unknown scientific speciments. Lightweight but durable plastic test tubes with corks. Food safe and shatter resistant. 

  • $20.00

    The amphora has been around for thousands of years. This classic design was the perfect shape for carrying everything from wine to olive oil.Ours is perfectly suited for carrying 6 oz of your liquid of choice. Buttle is 40% recycled glass.Color is lead free and baked onto the bottle so refrain from scrubbing with harsh cleaners. 

  • $49.00

    The perfect accessory for ANY adventure. Top grain leather with D-rings to attach equipment for all your crime fighting (or crime causing) needs. Fits up to a 40" waist.

  • $199.00

    A supple and shape enhansing corset made from lambskin. Perfect for renaissance or steampunk.Black corset comes with silver buckles. Buff brown corset comes with Antique brass colored buckles.Note: Buckle styles may vary


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