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  • $20.00

    Reproduction sundial and compass. Folds flat for travel. 

  • $40.00

    Whether on your pirate ship or your airship this accessory will look great on your desk  A classic nautical tool first used by sailors over 250 years ago to measure the angle of stars above the horizon and calculate global position. This beautiful brass sextant will bring charm and character to any bookshelf or desk. Includes an adjustable arc, a 2x...

  • $70.00

    Looking for the perfect prop for your airship? Custom papers based on period documents. Over 20 documents and pieces of paper ephemera all customised for you and your ship. Ships registry Letter of Marque (license to steal!) Salvage permit Certificate of inspection Pilots license with photo! Chinese travel papers Approved navigation routes Letters of...

  • $125.00

    These ammo cases have been in storage for 30-40 years. Made of heavy canvass and leather. We add a leather strap with shoulder cussion. Strap can be removed with the trigger snaps. Perfect for you books, small laptop or tablet. Dust flaps prevent dirt from getting in or small items falling out. Note: Cases will have variation in leather and fabric color. 

  • $95.00

    Cold War era medical kit. Likely from Bulgaria or other balkan state. Normally these come empty but we have a limited number of them with actual medical supplies in them including: Large gauze pad Gauze rolls (3-5) Droppers Grass bottles (3) Cotton sling Tourniquet Plastic medicine container Smaller gauze pad Assorted plastic parts Supplies fit neatly...

  • $75.00

    The perfect accessory for your Nerf (tm) arsenal.  Holds 20 standard nerf darts. 

  • $9.00

    Pick a team and start catching! Our new Pokemon GO wood pins are here.  Made frm 3/16" plywood laser engraved with your team symbol.  Pins have a slight wood grain to them.Approx 2" tall with pin back.  

  • $28.00

    Are fights constantly breaking out around your home or place of work? There is a solution! According to Faerie law your home or business can be Accorded Neutral Ground. This means that all parties must act in a (semi) civilized manner or face dire consequences. NEW!  Give your sign some character. We can give one of the corners of your sign scorch marks...

  • $28.00

    Are you a free spirited adventurer with sticky fingers? Are you a freelance aquatic cargo specialist? Do you need to drum up more work? Then this sign is for you! 8" by 9.5" baltic birch plywood sign laser engraved and stained with light acrylic poly finish and rope hanger. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Sorry, we are not currently shipping this...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items