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  • $28.00

    Are fights constantly breaking out around your home or place of work? There is a solution! According to Faerie law your home or business can be Accorded Neutral Ground. This means that all parties must act in a (semi) civilized manner or face dire consequences. NEW!  Give your sign some character. We can give one of the corners of your sign scorch marks...

  • $20.00

    A unique item available nowhere else. This glass bottle glows softly in ever changing colors. It is science? Is it magic?  Frosted glass bottle with a leather cage and strap with snap closure. Natural cork holds a color changing LED. Uses button cell batteries. The LED can be tuened on and off by holding the LED and twisting the bottom.  The LED is NOT...

  • $25.00

    The perfect wizarding accessory! Glass bottle wrapped with leather embossed with magic symbols and latin inscriptions. What do they say? We don't know but we recommend you stand at least 15 feet away from anyone when you first read them.Brown leather with gold embossed symbols and text or Black leather with silver embossed symbols and text. Snap closured...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items