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  • $35.00

    There leather belts fix ANY size. Uses a simple loop.  Made of 7/8 oz sturdy belt leather, it is 1 1/2 inches wide 72 inches.  You also have your choice of Silver (steel) or Gold (brass) hardware. If you are looking for a simple, functional belt at an excellent price, this is it! Key Features: Hand Crafted from Top Quality Leather A Great Accessory for...

  • $99.00

    The finest goggles made by the hand of man. Machined from solid brass. Leather sides and straps. Soft leather eye cups. Lenses are interchangeable. Chose from 4 different bolt styles. Using the dropdowns you can completely customise your goggles the way you like. Please note that the texture and color of leather can vary slightly. 

  • $299.00

    Our signature corset. Using heavy duty German steel stays and a 1" steel busk. The material on this corset is bonded to a backing cloth so it can stand up to heavy use without  stretching, tearing or distorting. Made in the USA. Unless otherwise requested corset comes with black satin sides.Premier corsets have a 1 year warrantee against any defects in...

  • $20.00

    Perfect for potions or unknown scientific speciments. Lightweight aluminum screw top tubes. Belt loops on back fit most belts.

  • $140.00

    The perfect corset for any occasion. Wide steel busk and heavy stays with rear modesty panel. Fully lined.

  • $65.00

    Arm bracers are okay, but they don't protect your fingers, or the back of your hands, or your thumbs. All vulnerable areas. Our leather gauntlets are thick and hardened against blows while leaving your fingers free. One size. Fits med/large hands. 

  • $110.00

    Our Elven Hooded Cloak is made from top quality cotton and features an embroidered Elven design around the front and shoulders of the cloak. This cloak is the perfect addition to any outfit that needs a touch of whimsy or fantasy. Available in a variety of sizes and two different colors. This cloak is lined with a contrasting color. Comes in Black outer...

  • $28.00

    Are you a free spirited adventurer with sticky fingers? Are you a freelance aquatic cargo specialist? Do you need to drum up more work? Then this sign is for you! 8" by 9.5" baltic birch plywood sign laser engraved and stained with light acrylic poly finish and rope hanger. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Sorry, we are not currently shipping this...

  • $25.00

    The perfect wizarding accessory! Glass bottle wrapped with leather embossed with magic symbols and latin inscriptions. What do they say? We don't know but we recommend you stand at least 15 feet away from anyone when you first read them.Brown leather with gold embossed symbols and text or Black leather with silver embossed symbols and text. Snap closured...

  • $10.00

    Did you or someone you know start making masks a few months ago? Then show your pride or appreciation for helping make the world a healthier place. Pins is laser engraved 1/4 inch wood. Black ink wash with pin back.  Approx 2.75" tall.

  • $45.00

    This rectangular pouch is perfect for fantasy, medieval and steampunk outfits. Two buckle closure with internal dust flaps that keep dirt out and small items in.  Veg Tanned leather.

  • $35.00

    For the adventurer on the go, a place to put important gear. Durable but soft leather with antiqued buckle Veg tanned leather.

Showing 13 - 24 of 41 items